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Motion and Tumble Buggy Reflection

I think that you can fiind the average speed by taking several trials of a track by one angle and average the  numbers. Then you take measurements from another angle and average those. Then you average both numbers you got. Divide it like this- distance/time elasped [average time]. Whatever you got as an answer is the average speed. I found out that my Tumble Buggy had a constant speed. It maximium varied by 1/100 of a second. I found out because the graph showed a pretty straight line throughout for all the trials. I am most proud of the fact that I understood what I had to do and If there was any confusion, it got clear today. I feel that way because the document was pretty clear and all the confusion was cleared by Dr.F. I think the hardest part of the experiment was when Dr.F told our group that to find out how constant the speed of the Tumble Buggy was because at first I thought that what I did was enough and then I got to know it wasn’t enough. I thought I had my answer, but it got proved wrong after doing more measurements. My biggest struggle with motion has been to understand when to use the mean and when to use the median because different questions require us to use different types of averages. For example:- In the Tumble Buggy project, I think we should use the mean, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right answer. i don’t even know if there is a right answer. I had never thought of motion as distance and time and speed, I had always thought of it as only movement. I think this was the root of the difference in my thinking. The main thing I have learned is that time and speed are similiar but not the same. I thought of them being the most important thing because that was 2/3 of what are unit was about- Time and Speed. #Tumble Buggy  


Dr. Seuss Storytelling and PantimimeĀ 

September 4 Dr. Seuss

We first saw Ms. Burrows do storytelling of some of the books. Then we choose our books. We practiced first by only using our voice, then we added movement. Lastly, we memorized our part of the story and presented it to the first graders. I think that when we performed, we should speak a bit more loudly and do certain things like getting eye contact to engage the audience. What I liked about my act was that I did both the things mentioned above and I had the whole thing memorized. What I need to work on, or something I would like to improve for my next performance would be- adding some more movements, especially funny ones.