Rocket Launch Summary


This is my rocket launch poster. The larger trail of the rocket is a typical rocket launch. I explain the exponents of motion in the launch. First of all, we pumped air in the rocket as shown. We put a force into the rocket. Later, it moved without a force, this shows inertia. How an object can move witthout a force applied to it. This goes back to what we learned from the cart experiment. Next, another way force was applied can be told by the change in direction as shown by the steering wheel. Force= mass times accerlation. Accerlation can be seen in three different ways- going faster, going slower and change in direction.  The force caused a change in velocity.The rocket was in an inertia movement as indicated by the dots on the trial was disturbed by an unbalanced movement, a force.  An example of newton’s third law of pair force or action reaction is shown as gravity. The rocket is pushed upwards by the force pumped into the rocket. On the other hand, the force gravity, is pushing it down. They are meeting each other from the opposite side with force. Finally, I drew my rocket launch, which was all tumbly.

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