A complete entry will have seven things-

  1. Class Notes
  2. What we did
  3. What we saw
  4. What we talked about
  5. What you think/wonder
  6. Picture
  7. Sketch

Best Notebook Entry

Typical Notebook Entry

Worst Notebook Entry
I have realized how important these entries are. They help us keep a record of our learning. If we forget something, we can always go back and revise it. My best entry is the one with most detail and depth. My typical entries are detailed but not as much as the best. I always have a lot of photos in my entries. One thing I don’t have a lot are sketches. Only a few of the entries have sketches. Also, I don’t categorize everything. It’s kind of like paragraphs with everything in it, because they connect so well, that it makes more sense to put it together. My worst entry is an incomplete one.

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