Reflection on Matter

Here is the link to my summative assessment- Mixing Alcohol and Water

My initial idea of matter was that it needs to have mass. It needs weight. All matter can be felt and touched. My wondering that time was how could matter be transformed. Now I have the answer to one of my biggest confusion before. Matter can be changed through chemical reactions, or physical changes, or they can change their state through heating and freezing. I learned what chemical reactions are because first that was our hypothesis for the assessment. A chemical reaction is when two kifferent molecules form a new molecule. Also, these transformations can’t be undone. Those which can be undone are physical changes. We saw this through crystallization. We saw it through many examples of salt, copper sulfate, alum…Also, I learned that the process of the transformation of the state of the element can be done by heating and freezing. The heating process is called distillation. We wanted to do this to prove that the solution of ethanol, and water were from a physical change. Also, so can separate them in a physical change by freezing them. That’s what we did in the end. I feel I am getting closer to the thinking of a scientist, but I’m still very far away. There is a lot to learn before I reach that level. 

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