Chemistry Reflection

How often do you ask, when presented with a new claim from science, “how do they know?” How interested and motivated are you in following the evidence and argument? How curious are you? Do you investigate ideas on your own through sources that you find? How much reflection do you do–in writing in your DSN–about the ideas and experiences from classs With regard to ideas about matter, how relevant are these ideas to you–not just if you find them interesting or boring or confusing–but how is your life impacted by these ideas and facts of the properties and behavior of matter–and how humans have made use of these ideas and facts? What are your ambitions for continued learning in the area of chemistry/matter–high school, university, occupation, hobby, etc.? Relate perseverance to motivation, interest, boredom, difficulty, challenge? What are your strategies for nurturing interest and motivation with something that is difficult or boring? Do you call something boring when it is difficult?

I think I need to just acknowledge the fact that science related ideas are hard to understand. I’m always looking for a straight forward answer, but these are concepts. They are not yes or no questions. Instead of trying to find the answer, I should fetch for the understanding of the concept. This idea is very important because it doesn’t only relate to science, but also to my daily life. All my situations don’t have right or wrong answers. They are conditional, have pros and cons, and don’t necessarily have any answer.                                                                                                                                                                                  I feel I ask a lot of questions in class. Any confusion that pops up, I’ll be the first one to ask about it. I ask questions all the time, everytime. I feel this shows my perseverance as I want to know more. I’m trying to dig in. This also indicates my enthusiasm and curiosity towards things. Asking questions is a key to perseverance and motivation.

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