Chemical Reaction Summative Assessment

This is my experiment with Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide). My project was using salt water and turning it into Caustic Soda. I used electrolysis to do that. To see my whole procedure, watch the video. I chose a video because to show the hydrogen and electrolysis process. It is much easier to see it that explain it in words. That why I will encourage you to see for yourself rather than have me explain in words. Also, a video is something I hadn’t made before in science class. I think I clearly met the criteria because I talked a lot about law of conservation of mass, and my molecular model shows the reaction. It shows that there is different arrangements of atoms and how the reaction works. I also have videos about all my electrolysis process. This shows that I met all my criteria. One unanswered question that still lingers is that after my voltage got higher, a green material was coming out. I wonder what that was? I think it an impurity but I’m not sure. If I were to do this again, I would probably learn a better way of measurement of how much gas is collected. My goal for the next unit is to continue pushing myself and be creative with my ideas.


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