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Scene Study- Monday’s Child II 

October 6

I think our blocking and staging was very effective and useful because we had a great use of the props. We made it a point to not cross or make the movement . We didn’t hide each other and our furniture was put diagonally. I think I did a decent job at showing my character through my voice and a bit through my physical movement. I think my relationship with the other character was very meaningful because we made it very clear that the child is very curious and the woman is just tying to remember. My collaboration with the other actor was awesome, specially because of our well merged improvising. We made up for each other when somebody forgot the lines. 

  • I am proud of having a good voice that fit the character.        
  • I am also proud of my facial expressions, specially the mirror one. 
  • I wish that I use more physical movement to express my character even more deeply.       


Dr. Seuss Storytelling and Pantimime 

September 4 Dr. Seuss

We first saw Ms. Burrows do storytelling of some of the books. Then we choose our books. We practiced first by only using our voice, then we added movement. Lastly, we memorized our part of the story and presented it to the first graders. I think that when we performed, we should speak a bit more loudly and do certain things like getting eye contact to engage the audience. What I liked about my act was that I did both the things mentioned above and I had the whole thing memorized. What I need to work on, or something I would like to improve for my next performance would be- adding some more movements, especially funny ones.