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Felipe Alou Retell

How did you prepare for the test?

  • I payed a lot of attention during class, so I didn’t have to do extra studying
  • I re-read the chapters
  • I decided that I wanted quality over quantity, so I chose to right only a few chapters
  • I edited the Spanish version, cutting lines that I don’t need and re-writing it once at home

What are you proud of?

  • I am proud and really surprised that I got an extending for everything
  • I am also proud that I only got 3 less structures than last time, because I found this book pretty difficult
  • I am proud that I was able to use new variety of words, and I was able to right what I wanted

What would you do differently to prepare?

  • I would try to read some books before the retell for Esperanza that emphasize on grammar 
  • I tried to say things, but I didn’t know how to say it with proper grammar
  • I don’t have a lot of exposure with those grammar tenses, so by reading those specific books, I will automatically make sense

El Nuevo Houdini Reflection

What did I do inside class that helped me be successful 

  1. I payed a lot of attention when we were having a class read.
  2. Making sure that I asked questions when I didn’t understand a word.

What did I do outside of class that helped me be successful 

  1. I revised the story in my head and wrote down whatever I remembered and then I saw what words needed to be corrected and which phrases can be said in a different way.
  2. I made pictures for all structures and make sure I understand all of them.

What are some strategies you want to try for the future

  1. In class: continue doing what I’m doing
  2. Outside of Class: continue what I’m doing